How To Wear Colored Eyeshadow Over 50 & Make Hooded Eyes Pop


  • Amazing illusion Ty for this video. I am 48 and in this past year, my eyelids suddenly drooped…and it is so mean how ppl will point out the faults in my face, which are many. I am also getting the triangle eye bags. So, I try and avoid stretching the skin here in putting on my makeup. I went from being told I look like I am in my early 30s to adding 10 years over night it seemed. It stinks. I realize we all get older. What upsets me is how ppl can be so cold and point out things. Vanity sucks at times. lol

  • Between the tight lining and the heated curler, I would be in such sad shape ;D … I'm going to have to find the no-drag brushes you mentioned. I'm only in my late 30s but my lids just don't cooperate with blending. Or with the marker-type liquid lining pens; I love those so much but they just drag and skip on my lids in the worst way these days. sigh Do they have a no-drag liner brush?

  • I've pretty much stopped wearing makeup because It looks terrible. This video has helped me so I will be able to start again. Thank you!!!

  • Such a helpful video! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. I also use the MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre as a base and love the MAC eye shadows. You look beautiful!! Have a great week! XO Lauren

  • Love the final look but I get a little confused with the placement of all the shadows. Isn't the Sephora purplish shadow being blended over the Mac Malt….. Or is the Malt color still visible- hard to tell the n the video

  • I love that you explain the brush techniques. I am also 50 mumble and still use a fair amount of color. I just use mattes and maybe a little shimmer or sparkle here or there.

  • Aloha Angie, I have to share a story with you and your viewers…I have a lovely friend who lives in Hawaii who, at 65, adores makeup and loves to get all dolled up. She looks beautiful. On one occasion she went over the top with eyes (shimmer and glitter), lips, cheeks, etc. I overheard a young man say to her that evening, "Are you dressed early for Halloween?" How embarrassing and humiliating for her. How rude and insensitive of him!: And she was feeling so sexy! She learned that while she loved all that glitz, it just doesn't have the same effect as it used to. Soooo she's saving that for the younger gals. Thanks for another great video tutorial on subtle and classic beauty. :))))

  • It's nice to see a woman of my age doing makeup. Most of the other tutorials for women over 50 I have seen have been younger women doing makeup on older women, but it was what the younger women thought they should be doing.

  • Thank you so much you have been so helpful I am going to be using the Sonia Kashuk neutral 02 palette do you have any suggestions how I use it the colors I mean. I can't afford Mac. Many hugs and blessings to you! Pat

  • Hello Angie, what an incredibly beautiful lady you are and you certainly have the gift of demonstrating/teaching which helps us all so much. I am thrilled just to watch you work even though I know I do not have the kind of face to colour up these days, although I was very up to scratch when I was younger. Thank you and bless you for all these freebies. x x

  • I have to tell you, I don't know how to thank you for posting this video! For the first time in YEARS, I don't look like the diagram on the back of an eye shadow package!!!I'll be 51 next week…and it has mainly been over the last couple of years that I've seriously known I needed to change the way I applied makeup; I just didn't know how. I recently splurged and purchased TONS of IT makeup (and their brushes), but didn't get the eye shadows. Do you think the "store bought" brands are as good as the others? I use the Almay for green eyes and have had really good luck with that product. Just wondering what your thoughts are. I fortunately have a lot of real estate in the eye area and not much crepey on my lids at all. Again, THANK YOU and I'm going to have to go check out your other videos!!! :)

  • Angie, you are awesome, and so lovely & pleasant to watch and listen to!
    Such well-made videos and great instructions! Thank you for doing these.
    I noticed you didn't apply mascara on bottom lashes. Is it better/more natural looking to skip the lower lashes?

  • I really love the way you applied the eye shadow; it is also my favorite way to wear the eyeshadow, excepting the liner on the lower lid :). I have learned good tips from your video, color-wise and definitely the technique. 🙂 Thank you!

  • You are a gorgeous lady.  But honestly, this is way too much makeup.  Makeup is to enhance features, but that doesn't mean you need 15 different products to do that.  I'm a certified beauty consultant and I think most of what you said is true however… I just have to say.  "Less is more" for us older ladies. (or at least make it look less)  I've seen women with caked on makeup and it just settles into their wrinkles and looks awful.

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