Over 40 Beauty: 5 MAKEUP MYTHS Busted!!! (Plus My Own Beauty Tips!)

Makeup Myths for Women Over 40. I am so tired of hearing “you can’t wear this” “you shouldn’t be wearing that..” Who says??? I for one don’t like rules when it …


  • Funny thing about lip liner… I don't like using it. My reason: pure laziness. I also prefer a tinted lip balm. I think it's because I have a freckle right dead centre on my lower lip. So it looks so "weird" when I can't see it. I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone though.

    Also I love a bright blush. The rule growing up (I'm 31) was find a colour that you'd normally flush. But that bright blush really does wake you up! Makes my eyes actually seem more awake. Does that make sense?

  • Love your busted myths.. you probably know what some of the vloggers call that dark liners/ light lips…
    don't think I'll forget that image I thought of.. yikes..
    We agree on lots??

  • Yes yes yes artists don't like all these rules!! I hate, loath being told what to do. Free spirit through and through. My clients often think that once their 40 they have to cut their hair. Absolutely not! If it looks good on you then do you!

  • One of the best highlighters out there I have found for myself and my friends who have passed the 40 mark is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting highligthers. They are pricey but so worth it. They just give the perfect glow without settling into any fine lines. They are my ride or die when it comes to highlighters. Also, if you like a more metallic eye look a great option is a cream eyeshodow on the lid…and they'll have to pry my black eyeliner from my cold dead hand along with my lip liners!!!

  • You nailed it!!!! Especially with the eyeshadow and blush. For me personally these are so true! I'm so happy to see your channel growing! Well deserved! I've seen the work you put into it and the great tips and advice! Thank you and congrats!

  • I think that most of the beauty myths are to enforce that women over 40 should just hide themselves in muted matte colors. I say be bold and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Thank you for supporting that and the extra tips!

  • I am so happy I found your channel (newly subscribed). I love your makeup philosophy. I see I truly believe you do what looks best on you. I don't believe there's a 'cookie cutter' way of doing makeup, … experiment, take what you need from other's tips and tricks and leave the rest. We are all different.

  • Thank you so much for all the Information. I really like shimmery eyeshadow although I'm 46 years old – you made my day! 😉
    Love from Germany, Melanie

  • I found you channel from your collab with Stephanie Marie. In so grateful I did!! You are my hero! I turn 50 this year and have often ignored much of the advice I've heard for "older" or "more mature" women. I love that you're putting this out. I'd say this is a great PSA!! Thank you!!

  • Another great video Risa! It's like you were reading my mind! I love all the myths you busted and the suggested alternatives – like not glitter, but shimmer! Now that is going to be my mantra when shopping for make-up! I've also heard other MUAs use the word "textured skin" to also describe those of us that have some wrinkling. Of course there is also the "fine lines" which I guess is a nicer way of also saying wrinkles, but seems more obvious of what they mean. LOL

  • Discovered your channel on your collaboration for Beauty over 30…. I turned 40 this year and it's great to watch and learn beauty tips and tricks in this age bracket and still have fun with makeup. …great videos!

  • The "rule" I still hear & see for "mature" eyes is don't wear anything on the lower lash line it will drag your eyes down I'm 57 & always wear mascara on my lower lashes (it never smears) & I always connect my eye shadow by bringing it 3/4 in under my lower lash line. To me it just looks weird to have eye make up only on the top half off your eye.

    Btw, another word you could use to describe crepiness would be:texture. Having texture on or around your eyes isn't just an age problem, just as having unwanted texture to the skin isn't necessarily. 🙂 The biggest issue with aging eyes is that the skin gets tissue paper thin & very delicate. Ladies over a certain age won't be doing much tugging or smudging to their eye area.

    Satin & soft shimmer finish is perfectly fine. The mattes must be buttery & pigmented – not too dry & powdery. My eyes have been crepey since I was a teen so I avoided frosted eye shadows which didnt work on my hooded eyes anyways. ..

  • These myths are hilarious. I'm glad you made this video to debunk them. I'm a 40 year old fair, green eyed, redhead who wears black liquid winged eyeliner, highlighter and glitter on a daily basis.

  • Awesome video! I just turned 50 and I get tired of people telling me I shouldn't do this or that. I love shimmer eyeshadow on my lid. I have hooded eyes so I have to use a matt color first but I love a touch of shimmer. I was told in my 30s not to wear black mascara any more, so I switched. I hated it but kept wearing it until my 40s when I decided to heck with it and went back to black.

  • I literally do ALL of these things that are supposedly wrong and I'm 40. I look better doing them! Whoever made up these rules wants older women to be ugly, or something.

  • Thank you for busting the "matte eye shadows only" myth. I heard that one years ago and dreaded turning 40 because of it. I'm 38 now and still have no plans to get rid of my shimmery shadows in two years. I think my lids look better with shimmer. I do need to remember the fan brush with bright blush thing. I usually shy away from bright blushes as an adult (you'd know why if you saw my junior high pictures) but using a fan brush with one would be pretty. I got a bright blush in a Boxy Charm box last year and I barely touch it. Will use a fan brush with it.

  • I"ve worn red lipstick since jr, high now in my 40's i'm grabbing the nudes WHY…because i read it somewhere!! Help me grab for my reds again please!! Love your videos~!

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