Turn Your Natural Mineral Makeup Foundation Into a Liquid Foundation

HI everyone its sharron pinheiro from Eve Organics. I have an oldie but goodie for you today. We made a video about 3 years ago on how to turn your natural …


  • Kelline – I agree. A tile or glass surface would be great. The video was more for the purpose of mixing than what to put it in. In a pinch you can use your hand, but you are right. A tile or ramekin of some kind would be optimal. Thanks for your comment!

  • Love converting my minerals into liquid. I recommend using the tile or a glass surface, a small hand mirror, etc. because mixing on the hand can slough off dead skin cells on the surface of dry hands and it doesn't take a genius to know what that can do to your foundation consistency. Not to mention how it can cut longevity time down because dead skin cells are mixed into the foundation from the back of the hand. This can also break the foundation down on the skin as it is tiny flecks of skin. If you could see your face under a microscope with the foundation on after mixing it on the back of a dry hand, would it look smooth and well covered or would the tiny flecks of skin cause places in the foundation that separate from the skin? I say the latter, so it just makes sense not to mix anything on the back of the hand. The hand can also have other chemicals long-forgotten such as a lotion you may have put on earlier, soaps with lotions built in, soiled hands from daily toxins in the air [pollution], etc. It's never a good idea to put your liquids on your hands and then expect them to perform the same on the face as they would if mixed on a clean glass or ceramic surface. Any alteration to the foundation's consistency, wearability, blendability, etc., is going to show on the face, be it separation, oxidation, lack of long-wear, oiliness, drying effect, etc. whatever applies to the anomalies we deal with in using foundations, especially liquids or creams. Just my professional opinion.

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