Single Women Dating After 40


  • I'm sorry,but something about this doesn't seem particularly helpful to women or menwho want to date later in life.The woman they presented didn't look 40.She looked at least 55 and was so emaciated.The best way to stay young and to delay things like menopause or prolong your reproductive years if you are a man is to start eating well now (organic plant proteins,no soda),exercising regularly,not smoking or drinking,wearing lots of sunblock daily.The power is in your hands.To hell with the rest.

  • Ladies,some of the most beautiful and successful women married in the 35+ age groups and believe me,they got the best.Don't let these loser men with nothing to offer shame you into thinking they are your only options when you are younger.Something about this video didn't sit well with me either.They presented a very haggard looking woman in her 40s and the relationship expert wasn't particularly encouraging,more like disparaging.Eat well,stay in shape,don't smoke,drink,wear lots of sunblock.

  • Listen, there are more guys here frequenting this video than women to insult women due to feelings of inadequacies. The best thing to do is not to give these losers the luxury of any attention. If they want to spend their money on 20 year olds for the prospect of sex, then so be it, why bother to come here and comment about another group of women that wouldn't give them the time of day? Seriously. You gotta read between the lines.


    If you're not in the top % of good looking men, women want nothing to do with you. Stop fucking lying you fucking cunt. Even 500lb fatties can get guys 8x better looking than them. Women never want to date within their league their hypergamy is out of fucking control.

  • No. They want a good looking DOUCHEBAG who will slap them around and treat them like garbage, while they ignore the good men for the majority of their life. Women are more superficial than men. This society puts women on a pedistal and tells them that they shit roses and are better than men. This pussy entitlement culture needs to end.

  • More bullshit male shaming tactics. Women are so spoiled and entitled in this society that they can only chase the top % of men. And then they dare tell men its all about personality and more bullshit. All women are whores. Prostitutes are just straightforward. You don't have to jump through 50 loopholes and shit tests, take a bitch out to dinner and then buy her all this shit just to sleep with a prostitute.

  • Women have become so picky and entitled. They fucked the bad boys and douches all their lives and now that they're 40 years old and want the guys they've denied their whole lives. FUCK THAT. I'll go fuck your daughter bitch.

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