“questions” for men answered by woman


  • Feminists. Since men die on the job 10 times as often as women and die on average 7 years earlier, and commit suicide 3 times as often, why are you not dying sooner to make things more equal?

  • buzzfeed chicks sound like they used to desperately want the attention of white males, got rejected, now hate ALL males by default. fuck em…. fuck em right in the pussy

  • It isn't ladylike to curse because being ladylike is not being rude, and since cursing is being rude then being ladylike requires not cursing. However being a gentleman also means not being rude and therefore not cursing. So there aren't two separate standards, there are just two different names, lady and gentleman which ultimately both refer to being nice.

  • Just think, in another 10 to 15 years, your "meat flaps" will be "contaminated" too. That's how the aging process works.. and it's going to come a lot sooner than you think, pretty girl. Time moves quicker than you might think. One day you'll wake up and realize you probably slept with more men than those "sluts". Where will my dick have been by then?

  • If feminists are for equal representation and gender equality, why don't they address the fact that women are over represented as whiny bitches and under represented as leading scientists and entrepreneurs? Why don't some of them stop bitching about pointless stuff and go be productive? More women in gender studies will not help.

  • You know, I actually think that the buzzfeed video, in spite of its title, isn't meant for men at all. It's meant for other SJW women so that they can feel good and smug about their opinions. A sort of femo-sisterhood team building exercise. I mean, the 'questions' are mostly so very stupid. BTW…great response Shoe.

  • here's my questions for a feminist

    1# Why should i apologize for being a man?

    and 2# a comment most men don't congratulate others on sleeping with everyone they know in fact i and many others look down upon people like that. plus who actually wants to have a sexually transmitted disease? not a sane person i can yell you that.

  • Actually you don't HAVE to sit with your legs wide open as a man. You can have your legs crossed, contrary to popular belief, the balls won't get crushed, they will slip into a comfortable position. Unless you have particularly meaty thighs that is.

  • Why is it that in a country where we're supposedly innocent until proven guilty, a guy is accused of rape is guilty until proven innocent? And sometimes still considered guilty after being proven innocent?

  • Feminist why do you never know any facts?

    Feminists why do you always overreact about everything?

    Feminist why do you lie about everything?

    Feminist why do you claim to be independent but then demand male protection?

    Feminist why is it your first instinct to accuse men of rape for just talking to a girl?

    Feminist why do you never provide proof for your claims?

    Feministswhy are you so hypocritical?

    Feminists why do you not understand reality?

    Feminist why do you never stand up for women in countries where is an actual oppressive regime?

    Feminists why if rape is the worst crime, do you never condemn women who lie about rape?

    Feminists if the world is sexist against women why is colleges accepting women at a rate of 2 :1, jobs 3:1, why do single women under 34 out earn single men, why is there higher government spending on women's health, charities, protection and research, why are there more laws protecting women than men in most countries (expect the 3rd world), why are internet issues represented in the UN as gender biased issues, why do women need the overhype of the media and why are there government campaigns to stop male on female domestic violence?

    Feminist name one law or government legislation that ONLY benefits men?

    Feminist why do you not recognise all Feminists as Feminists?

    Feminists if you are for equality then why are men who call themselves feminists told they cannot be real feminists?

    Feminist why do you overhype the influence of feminism in history?

    Feminists if women didn't have the vote until you over privileged white women cried, then why are there records of women voting as early as 1700s?

    Feminist's excluding nonsensical issues in the first world, what real issues are faced by women which aren't affecting men too?

    If feminism liberated women from the home only in the 60s then why have women been owning business and in the workforce as early as the middle ages?

    Feminist why do you hate other women whom oppose your view?

    Feminist's why if women are equal to men, do you not advocate for women to serve the same prison time as men when they commit crimes (such as child killing, child rape, abuse, raping men/women, murder, GBH/ABH and other extreme crimes)?

    Feminists how does it feel to be the same sex as Mary Bell who killed over 400 children (the first female child killer), Rosemary West, Myra Hindley, Mary Anne Cotten, Caroline Bundy (not related to Ted), Bloody Mary, Gertrude Baniszewski, Catherine Birnie and Irma Grese?

    Feminists if breasts aren't a sexual body part then why do men and women find the sexually arousing?

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