Pur Cosmetics Pressed Mineral Makeup Demo & Review! Over 40!

My review and demo of Pur cosmetics 4 in 1 pressed powder mineral foundation. This foundation brightens the skin, improves skin texture and is hydrating.


  • Hi! I have a question… Have you or your daughter noticed any "flashback" in photography while using this product? I know lots of time mineral foundation with SPF can cause flash pictures to give you "ghost face"! lol! Thanks so much!

  • I love Pür cosmetics too!! I'm 24 y/o and have difficulty with coverage, specifically dark circles/variation in skin tone etc. I don't use the 4 in 1 concealer, instead I was advised to use the liquid concealer in conjunction with the Disappearing Ink Concealer that I use to help conceal the problem areas, as well as the dark circles under my eyes!

  • I found this really interesting, thank you.
    I have never used this brand but I use Laura Mercier's loose mineral & the pressed…..Have you tried LM or Bare Minerals ? I wondered if they were all about the same or not ????
    I have only just discovered your channel & look forward seeing more vids.

  • I am just beginning to wear this. I do use a primer as I am pretty dry. I too have mature skin, age 56 but so far so good. Lots of redness on my face and this seems to cover up pretty good. You look fantastic in this foundation so it gives me hope. Thank you!

  • Hi thanks for sharing…I too love the PUR minerals. I am in your age group and find it looks so natural on my skin and lasts a long time! I cleanse, moisturise and prime then apply PUR. I notice if I don't use a primer it looks a little dry and I find the primer gives me even coverage. I have the PUR primer, also tried another but- found the PUR one works best for me 🙂  I love your tip about spraying the setting spray onto the blending sponge then applying and using the smaller brush for coverage in those extra areas. ( I am going to sort through my brushes now and find one just for that)..thanks again!…hmm I think I might also try some of that PUR setting spray..

  • I am 55 and have been wearing pur minerals off and on for about 6 years. My daughter uses this also. Great product. I have to be careful and not put on too much and really buff it in. I would like to try the setting spray I think that would benefit me. Thanks for your tutorial.

  • Great review I really like the sounds of this foundation!! Sucker for the pkging it's adorable!! :Your daughter is so pretty you must be proud….I need to try the Pur line it's readily available near me too at most of our local drugstores…..hugs xo Dee

  • I am 45. I hate wearing makeup. I have dry skin and tad bit of redness and some under eye darkness. as I am aging I am finding my skin to be uneven (Pores)so I set out on a hunt for a combination to not show my dry skin..not settle in all my lines, not enlarge my pores and cover my dark circles .as soon as I apply a foundation or powder it will get flaky in my dry skin areas…after years I discovered a combination that works for me. I wash with aveeno line absolutely ageless, spray Mac fix plus (let it dry) use my IT moisturizer, Vaseline intensive care jelly moisturizer only in the super dry areas (nose and eyes), pUR correcting primer, PUR 4 and 1 pressed makeup (blush medium). Pur hydrate and set spray. I am tempted to try the foundation but this has been working for me..it does not feel heavy at all and it has been lasting all day. I work in the operating room and behind a mask all day and I noticed it has not transferred off either.

  • Anne…this looked amazing on you. I really like the things I have tried from Pur. Their Selfie palette is lovely. Your daughter is beautiful…like mother like daughter. I watched your video the other day but this week at work has been so busy….I am wondering where the week went. This foundation would be great on the days that the Retin A is making me peel. Fantastic review! Love you lots….Laura

  • your daughter is beautiful you know i was just at ulta just picked up the highlighter palette will have to check into the foundation i have always been afraid of powder foundations i think the it powder foundation is to much for my skin do you think the pur is a lighter coverage xx

  • Hi Anne,  my moisturizer never completely dries prior my makeup routine so I don't think I could buff this product on so smoothly like you just did ?  But I like the looks of this product on you and it's nice and simple to apply compared to liquid foundation.

  • Hi Anne. Your daughter is gorgeous! I really love the co. Pur. I don't have a lot from them but what I do have, I really love. I find that they are really good quality type of products. It looks great on you. tyfs it..xo

  • Anne I have the Pur Foundation and brush and I love it..somedays my skin seems too dry to use it….I have been meaning to tell you I bought the Lip balm from Palmers and I love it!! I was using the Aquafor and always had chapped lips…Thanks to you I no longer have chapped lips…Your daughter is beautiful like her mother…you do look too young to have a daughter that old…Good genes…lol Hugs and Love Loretta

  • HI!!! okay……I have fine lines…I"m afraid it will settle in them..what do you think???? I will go check it out….p.s. love your hair cut! Let's meet up soon!!!

  • Hi Anne! I love the finish on this product, it's very natural looking! I quite enjoy their eyeshadow pallets also. I hope you have a great weekend Anne

  • Hi Anne, just one question: What do you use under your eyes? I have to cover that area with something. (Not just to blend the face in and cover darkness, but for protection.) Have a great weekend! ~C

  • Anne, I cut my bangs to short, I cut them wet, I didn't watch your video on hair cutting, or bangs. I had just worked a 12 hour shift, and my bangs were just hanging in my eyes all night soo…….I just chopped them straight across, now I look like I belong in a mental ward my next appointment isn't till 10/6… and she is going to be mad, and I don't have a day off to go in, any suggestions? products? my hair is strawberry blonde..colored of course.        Thanks……….Pam

  • Good Morning, gorgeous lady! I've never tried this brand before but it sounds wonderful and looks beautiful on your skin! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love, Colleen xox 🙂

  • Hi Anne, great review. Pur Mineral 4 in 1 Mineral Makeup was my favourite foundation and I used it for quite a few years. But then I stopped using it when the BB creams became popular. Watching your review reminded me of how much I loved the Pur Mineral foundation. I should try it again!! It was so easy to use and I loved the way it looked on my skin. Your daughter is very beautiful, like you! Have a wonderful weekend, Toula xx

  • Hi Anne… i got this set as well, and i have used the foundation before and loved it! I actually used it alone or sometimes i would use it along with a BB or CC cream also. But PUR Cosmetics has become one of those brands i am really loving more and more. I want to purchase the setting spray, that i might do this upcoming month. Loved your review and your daughter is Gorgeous!!! Love and blessings have a great weekend xoxox <3

  • Hi Ms. Anne! It looks so beautiful and natural on you! Your daughter is so gorgeous!! I was wondering, if you wore it while peeling with Retin A?

  • I have one of there blushes and no matter what blush I buy the Pur one always looks the most natural on me. The foundation looks really good. I tried my daughters iIT COSMETICS celebration foundation in powder and it looked really bad on me made my pores show up more. I was surprised as I had head good things about the product maybe I will give this one a try looks great for travel too.

  • Aloha Anne-Marie! Excellent review and demo. Actually, your skin looked just as beautiful before you put the Pur on! All those lovely products you suggest to use are certainly doing wonders for you. Thanks again. Have a great weekend. :)))

  • I personally gave issues with powders irritating my eyes. I too wear contacts and even pressed powders hurt my eyes. Not sure I could handle this foundation. I used to not have troubles with powder but lately I have. Also was wondering if the foundation seemed to set your skin out at all or looked powdery up close. Thanks.

  • I have used the IT cosmetics and bare minerals and this is by far my favorite! It doesnt enhance my pores or fine lines.I also love their primer, I wear the lavender one underneath .Great reveiw!

  • Hi Anne. Thank you for posting this review on the Pur Minerals foundation. I used to use this product a couple of years back and really liked it. My sister gave me her IT Cosmetics powder foundation as she did not like it, and I have been using this to refresh my makeup through the day. If I recall correctly, I liked the Pur Cosmetics 4 in 1 pressed powder much better than the IT Cosmetics product. I also have used the Pur Cosmetics setting spray and loved it too, Such a great price for the size you get. I like your idea of applying the setting spray to a sponge. Sometimes the spray nozzle delivers an uneven application and your method would solve that problem. The application brush is also amazing! Thanks again for another informative video. xo

  • Hi Anne, this was an excellent review, I used to use this years ago and I really did like it then, I should give a try again!!  BTW our daughters are the same age, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as you daughter certainly has inherited her mama's beauty!!  Love you!!  Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  • I bought my daughter some of this Pur mineral 4-in-1 makeup in August for her 30th birthday, and she loves it!!  She has very dry skin, and it causes her no problems.  She doesn't have undereye circles or darkness, so it works great by itself.  You daughter looks just like you – both of you are beautiful!!!  xoxo Grace

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