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  • hello,, can u tell me which foundation I should use as my skin is very oily?? pls help me …suggest me that foundation which will be available in India only..waiting for ur reply

  • Loved the video. One quick question.. How would you rate the too faced BTS waterproof mascara. Do let me know what you think! My sister just bought it for me and im yet to use it. Kinda excited but also read some reviews about it which say otherwise and that ive heard it smudges and runs. Please let me know! Thanks and keep up the amazing work! I totally enjoyed the video. Shine on superstar!

  • I discovered your channel a while ago while I was scouring thru YouTube trying to find 1- a makeup channel hosted by someone I actually like who doesn't annoy me lol, 2- Someone around my age who's not like 17, 21 or whatever with their perfect, "I haven't lived yet" kinda skin, 3- someone who uses a mix of products I can regularly afford or quickly save up for & last but most importantly- someone who looks like me. Idk what your heritage is, you're obviously from somewhere across the pond but your background seems Latina or Italian or maybe a darker German. Probably mixed with a couple things tho huh? I'm half Mexican, half Native American and we have the same color, texture & length of hair, and the same color, texture, undertones & general likeness of skin. I've noticed that in my family as the women get older (by that I mean nearing/after 30) we don't get wrinkles really or thinner, looser skin…..we just freckles. ??? LOL Idk why but you have the exact same freckles I do, same color, even in the same places. I also have really annoying hyper pigmentation around my mouth and the outside like framing of my nostrils. It took me a long time but I FINALLY found you! So when you recommend products & say the colors you use, I know exactly what to go buy. Not to mention you talk fast which I love. Some of these girls put me to sleep & others make my head spin with their post production editing just chopping their footage & all this nonsense. So I just wanted to THANK YOU IMMENSELY for Idk, just existing?? Lol And really just doing this channel as often & as well as you do so I can rely on realness, no BS or peacocking or filters or vagueness on your products or process bc you secretly don't want anyone to be able to copy precisely what you do. Smh. Some ppl man I swear. I can't tolerate BS so I'm really happy I found you, I watched your video where you showed your filming process & behind the scenes (another thing a lot of ppl keep secret) bc I've been thinking a lot about starting a channel but have no clue about the technical side of it. That was SUPER helpful. So from one freckled olive/golden toned skin grown ass woman to another, THANK YOU for being you & sharing it with over a MILLION ppl (!!!!) congrats on your success! I hope we can become friends, I know you read all your comments. I plan on going back & starting at the beginning of your video's so I can see how you grew & upgraded & learned so I can better prepare myself before I jump in this YouTube pool with billions already far more experienced than I. Btw, I'm Anna lol I'm a single mom of 2 (girl 9, boy 8) & I'm deep breath…..30 years old. But my sister is a licensed esthetician & a celebrity makeup artist. I've learned a lot from her. I went to cosmetology school as well & studied all of it, hair, skin, nails, makeup, you name it. But I never took a job with it. It's more a passion that I didn't want to taint with the "job" obligations feeling & bitchy clients or coworkers. I just wanted the knowledge for myself & to teach my daughter what my mother knew NOTHING about & left me to trial and error & a self taught lifestyle via Cosmo, YM, Teen Vogue, Glamour, etc (pre-social media days). I want to do this so much bc in my adult life, I became very ill with fibromyalgia & am no longer able to work but I don't wanna let my mind go to mush or lose touch with the beauty community so I'm anxious to start my own channel where I'll feature my daughter & mentor her as well on & off camera. I honestly wouldn't be able to do that had I not found someone like me that I could totally relate to physically & mentally and not get sick to death of you talking (like some others I've seen lol). Plus you seem like a generally good, positive, accepting & down to earth human being. Which can be quite rare in this field. So sorry for the novel I just wrote lol I just really wanted to express my gratitude & let you know that you're not just teaching makeup tricks but helping me & probably others get my life together & follow my passion in a realistic way. In short just changing my life without even knowing it. Soooo last time I promise, thank you! Lol Please keep up the good work & know your channel is so much more than beauty tips. Much love, Annamarie ?

  • Hi kaushal you're really a natural beauty. BTW I want to ask is the murad luminous shield good? Cause you said you have freckles. Did it develop later on after the sunscreen or before?

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