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  • I purchased the starter kit yesterday and was looking for some help on getting started with using it. You're great at describing things without the waffle, keeping it clear and simple. Loved it!

  • Mineral makeup makes my pores look MASSIVE and I don't have that that large of pores. Just an FYI to anyone considering going to mineral makeup. I've been looking for tips to use up a huge stash that I stupidly bought. Primer breaks me out every time so I can't use that. Meh!

  • I've found the original is the best, but you MUST use the bare minerals finishing powder!!!!! That's what makes the powder for me. It makes the foundation look soft, and airbrushed and gets rid of any extra oils (that's why i wouldn't use matte anyways) please review the finishing powder, it's amazing

  • I've been using bare essentials/bare minerals for over ten years. I love it. it's what helped clear my skin up. It covers great and works wonders on evening out my skin tone. well rested is great for under my eyes. I've timed my make up application and it takes me 8 minutes. It will last me up to 8 hours and I do have oily skin. So I usually have to apply a little mineral veil at least once at my t zone at some point in the day. It's an amazing product. However, I prefer mica bella eye shadows. For me you get more product and I like how they apply.

  • I personally think mineral makeup looks good on younger people, people in their thirties or early forties with excellent skin. I'm 49 and though I take extremely meticulous care of my skin, I still have more than fine lines, and minor red spots. I have some discoloration, huge pores, dry and oily spots. The mineral makeup exaggerates all the above. It settles in the lines, sinks onto the pores making them seem larger and makes dry spots drier and oily spots a mess . it just does not work for me, however I will use it as a finishing product by dusting some on lightly after a bb or cc creams. I've seen look beautiful on some, but my skin just does not like it. 

  • You have to buff buff buff bare minerals! It's wonderful once you learn how to properly apply it! Moisturize and prime before you put it on! If you don't like bare minerals you're probably not putting it on right. You can do light to full coverage with it! Remember buff!!! 

  • I stumbled across your video and it's so cool that you're from Malaysia because so many beauty vloggers are from the States/UK (I'm also from Malaysia haha)! Are you still in Penang? Love your videos! :)

  • OMG this is the first video I watch on your channel. When I hear you mentioned Malaysia, I was like 'What ?? Finally ! I found a channel that literally links to Malaysia !' 
    I live in Malaysia and I love to watch beauty video of those from foreign than local. NOW I HAVE IT ! Checking others videos out immediately. Hoolaaa !

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