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  • I've not used the liquid foundation. The powder foundation cleared my skin though. The matte powder looks awful on me, even though I have combo skin that leans oily..

  • Even though it wasn't really intentional, I actually liked how you started with a light lip color then "screwed it" and went brighter. It was nice to see the look with two different lip choices.

  • if anyone can help me. I have discoloration around my mouth & I do correct it. My foundations kinda break through & sorta flakes where the corrector is. I'm wondering if anyone does correct with cream & wears powder mineral foundation. My theory is that the powder will stick better because it is stuck on top of that corrector & will not breakthrough. My question is… does anyone here have a mineral powder foundation routine where they correct with cream corrector & have no problems or will this just not work out? Any help would be great ;)

  • Bare minerals original was the first and only foundation I have ever bought. My mum bought the matte one in a shade that was slightly too dark for both of us, so I only wear it on nights out because it is dark in clubs so no one can really tell. I really think it is a great foundation to get you into makeup as it is very hard to apply it wrong. And with the starter packs and deals they have it actually becomes very cost effective!

  • I started to get hormonal acne which was aggravated by regular foundation yet I wasn't confident to go without makeup. I found lily lolo mineral makeup online. it doesn't contain bismuth, which I read can clog pores and cause cystic acne. it worked for me, not the most natural finish and a bit cakey, however it dried up my spots a treat. I now use retin a and have very clear, slightly dry skin so don't need the mineral powder anymore. I only use it on days I'm going straight to the gym after work as I trust it won't break me out.

  • My representative for my salons skin care and the MicaBeauty makeup told me that the makeup has a natural SPF of 20, now if that's because the mineral is mica or a mixture of mica and titanium dioxide, I'm not sure.

  • Not all acne is hormonal. Mineral makeup is also best for ultra sensitive and reactive skin type like rosacea and acne. You should look for MicaBeauty makeup, I've been told it's the epiphany of mineral makeup.

  • I have dry skin, but I actually have no probelm with mineral make up lasting on my skin. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, also last on me as well and I really love it as a foundation. It wears just like a moisturizer which is why I love it. It also doesn't flash back for me, if I wear a powder over it. I don't wear because it's mineral, so it's not a problem for me to wear a non mineral powder over it. I wear it cause it's good and doesn't irritate my skin.

  • I would love to no a little bit more about mineral makeup. I have been using Lily Lolo for a while now, and have always found that during a night out, its not great for flash back in photos.
    why do mineral makeup liquids or powders have so much flash back? can they be made, so it doesnt happen or does it come hand in hand with mineral makeup qualities?

  • My friend had make up artist, SJ Froome, from Bare Minerals do her wedding make up. It lasted all day and was beautiful. No flash back. Perhaps the skill of the person doing the make up needs to be higher? SJ is lovely by the way.

  • Hello what skincare did you say you were using at the end of the video? I couldn't quite make it out. Do you think your skin is great because of that or eating clean? X

  • First I just want to say I love you and your sister's videos! They have inspired me to try new things with makeup, so thank you! I use the bare minerals liquid foundation and the one thing that I have noticed is a little bit goes a long way with it! When I first bought it the sephora associate told me to shake it up like crazy before you use it and only use about 3 or 4 drops for my whole face. I was very skeptical that only 4 drops would work on my face because my cheeks and nose are naturally very red, but I was proven so wrong when I tried it! I have been using it every day for about 3 weeks and I can say my skin actually looks better without makeup now. I use about 5 drops total on my brush to cover my whole face and it doesn't look oily at all! I did find that if I try to use more than that however, it begins to get very oily, but once you find the right amount, it will look so natural and amazing. Sorry for the novel of a comment but I just wanted to share my experiences! Thank you so much for all you guys do, you're both amazing! Much love from East Lansing, Michigan USA!

  • in terms everyday make up bare minerals and mineral make up is the best, in my experience. It just makes you look like you have really good skin and it doesn't feel caked on.

  • Thank you for filming this one! I've been interested in mineral makeup for a while, but haven't really tried it. Great information!

    Never apologize for being chatty. I always feel more engaged when you chat away, especially when it's about a subject you're passionate about. You and Sam are my inspiration, and favorite YouTubers. Please keep up the amazing work you both do!

  • I believe that we still put the crushed bugs and other insects on our faces and that it is to give lipsticks their red colour. Apparently it is called Carmine and is listed as this in the list of ingredients!!!!

  • avoid Bismuth Dioxide in mineral makeup!! this caused me so many breakouts. If you have acne, and are using bareminerals, this might be the cause!! it was for me. They advertise it as being healthy for your skin, but really makes it worse. Alima Pure doesn't have bismuth dioxide, and works 100xs better for me.

  • Why did you not use Bare Minerals powder foundation (BM)? I use it all the time and love it. The trick is when using it is to swirl and tap, tap out a little powder into the lid, swirl the brush in the lid and turn the brush upright and tap off the excess then apply on to the skin again swirling over the skin in a clock wise and anti-clock wise direction to warm up the minerals. Many people apply too much product so it can look cakey , it is a case of less is more. BM have also got a powder foundation for problematic skin, it has Tea Tree in it. The powder can also be added to a cream to create a BB cream. As you can see I love BM….lol!

  • I really like you red and inform your followers about mineral make up but , as an eco friendly make up addicted, I have to say that MAC mineralize products have silicons even if they have mineral pigments. The real mineral make up is from bare minerals and lots of other brand as Neve Cosmetics which is an italian eco brand… fortunately bio products are having huge success for their help on our skin… anyway I' m not a make up artist so I understand that for a fashion show or a shooting you need silicon make up that last longer 🙂 big kiss from Naples

  • oh good grief. some of these comments. ugh. people believe anything. talc IS a mineral, it may be antiquated & "sometimes diluted" but it is still a mineral. bismuth is also a mineral, some people are allergic or sensitive to it but its not automatically bad for all sensitive skin, its case by case, everyone's skin is different. titanium dioxide & zinc are SPF ingredients. mineral powder foundation buffs into the skin beautifully, a little goes a very long way. it almost melts right into the skin & melds with it. proper buffing produces a beautiful healthy natural glow & it can cover alot of imperfections. mineral makeup has its challenges & to each his own. I personally don't see much benefit to it as any good product & good technique can produce beautiful results. and as far as better for your skin, I guess maybe, but proper skin care does the same thing.

  • I have been using mineral makeup almost exclusively for years, specifically The All Natural Face (TANF) mineral makeup. Now, I have to say that I rarely wear foundation. However, the eye makeup I get from TANF is amazingly pigmented (I have to be careful with the blushes that I don't over-apply and look like a clown), some I only use a tiny little bit or it will overwhelm everything, and it does last all day. I do use a good primer, which is in fact a body butter that I make (my skin is very dry, so nothing sticks well without it), and I have no problem getting through a day of work with very little creasing, and no fading at all. I absolutely love it, her colors are wonderful, prices exceptional for the quality, which I would put up with any of the high-priced makeups. I also have some Bare Minerals and quite a lot of Larenim from before I found TANF. Both are very good as well. I can't speak for flashback. I don't spend much time in front of a camera and, as I said, I rarely wear foundation.
    And by the way, in many of your cosmetics, red is made using cochineal now. Red dyes are just too toxic, and cochineal is that bug you mentioned. Google "cochineal in cosmetics" to find out more. Just fyi :)

  • So happy that you're trying to find out more about natural and organic make up. I only use natural and/or organic make up and I find it hard to find youtubers that do tutorials with only clean products. To me it's more than just looking good, it's about taking responsibility for the environment (most organic brands think about the packaging too) and the people that work with the ingredients in my products. Brands you should check out: Kjaer Weis, RMS Beauty, UNE (has a great mascara called green pride) and Swedish brand Maria Åkerberg. xx from Sweden

  • It's funny how i got into make-up via mineral make-up. I was always disgusted by the normal makeup "goo" on my face. I consider mineral to be just loose powders and some pressed (for instance Idun makes good ones) products. Most of the liquids are often full off suspicious stuff and i think that for example  bare minerals are just ruining the good reputation of mineral makeup being the "cleaner" alternative. In my eyes it's just another goo-crap that market is full of…

  • CRUSHED BUGS ARE STILL IN MAKEUP!!! I know you meant literal crushed bugs, but a lot of the shimmers and dyes in makeup are made of insects, I try to always buy vegan makeup but it takes work!

  • Also, I don't think you should shorten your videos just because you're chatty. That's why I like you… it's like seeing really amazing makeup done by a girlfriend. :)

  • Titanium and zinc oxide are physical spf's, so they create a physical barrier that protects skin from UV rays by reflecting the light (which is why they cause flashback), where as a chemical SPF's work by either absorbing or scattering suns rays.

    And the thing is, titanium oxide is actually shown to be the culprit of some peoples breakouts whereas zinc oxide is safer for more delicate skin, chemical spf's can cause irritation and is extremely painful to get in your eyes

  • I feel like the BM original loose powders build up to fuller coverage and stay in place all day. Love them and have used them for 10 years. It comes in original and matte 🙂 Bare Skin makes me too greasy.

  • The reason I wear mineral makeup is because my skin will not tolerate silicones, mineral oil, most oils even in organic skincare and other combinations of ingredients which irritate my skin. Bare minerals, Tarte and Mac as well as mass market brands use oils in their finished products and I cannot wear them. I know this from experience. I also avoid face products with fragrance. All makeup contains minerals. Loose mineral makeup generally has the fewest ingredients such as kaolin, titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide, silica, iron oxides for color and sometimes talc. When buying mineral makeup I look for the fewest ingredients possible. Words such as organic, vegan, and natural are marketing hype. Those of us with sensitive skin have to check labels for anything that triggers a reaction if we want to wear makeup.

  • It's the weirdest transition going from normal makeup to mineral. (Im still struggling!!)I'm a skin care professional and in my clinic we use Youngblood. A mineral makeup we use widely and can use straight after doing any peels or resurfacers on our clients. One reason we don't use something like Mac or Estée Lauder is because of a potential chemical reaction. In regards to spf our mineral makeup uses a physical spf, unlike most that's a chemical. It guards the skin from UV A&B Rays until taken off. (Like a prism effect) theirs so much info to mineral makeup it's unbelievable. Especially with the brand my clinic stocks. Not 100% sure with other brands. Youngblood is made by a chemist who specialises in cosmeceutical skin care products, resurfacers and peels. If you can get your hands on some Youngblood give it a go. I'm still struggling with the transition but when your career is in skincare you've got practice what you preach essentially.

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