How to Apply Mineral Foundation (BareMinerals)


  • Thanks so much for this video! I've had bare minerals for years but I've been doing my spots before i do my whole face. I'm definitely going to try your way of doing the whole face then focusing on problem issues, i can't wait!

  • +From Head To Toe omg! My face is stubborn also!! My face broke out badly after doing a facial at a salon and trying out revlon colorstay foundation ???????? I was so upset because it took months to even out after my face freaked out because of sunscreen and florida water. But I have to start from square one again. I am bringing out my mineral makeup and stocking up on the mineral veil and well rested concealor ???????? idk y I havent been using my bareminerals!! It makes me look flawless!!
    Any liquid concealor recommendations that work with bareminerals?

  • bareminerals was my first foundation i decided to try it since it was supposed to prevent breakouts and is very gentle. However everytime I wear it my face gets itchy and i get breakouts afterwards. I kept on telling myself that my breakouts were going to happen anyways and it wasn't due to the makeup. I don't use makeup everyday so i just put up with the itchyness and breakout everytime thinking that's how foundation feels. years later i have triied many other different foundations that does not break me and i still use my bareminerals foundation from time time since it was expensive. But I would definitely say that the mineral veil is amazing finishing powder that I use with my other foundation

  • Does anyone else have problems with bare minerals and breaking out? I read somewhere that it has an ingredient that can cause breakouts, and that seems to be the case with me. :(

  • I'm just starting to learn about mineral foundation and was wondering if mineral makeup is good for dry skin? I tend to get some patchy dry areas on my face. I love the way mineral makeup looks, just worried it will be too drying for my skin. Any suggestions?

  • I have super fair, oily and acne-prone skin. My whole life I've used liquid foundations and never really liked them. I just bought this as a first-time powder foundation and I'm hoping I'll really like it!

  • Anyone know what brush did she use for applying the foundation. I notice that she listed it as "Real Techniques powder brush" but it doesn't look like it. I think it looks more like the buffing brush, but I'm not sure.

  • Hi dear, just wanna double confirm with u, if u don't mind 😀 would u plz check the real techniques brush which u used to apply foundation in this video. I'm wondering it's Expert Face Brush, instead of Powder Brush?

  • I recently just got into Sephora, mac and the more high end makeup stores. Although, do you( or anyone) have any suggestions with what makeup bags I can use to hold all my NEW makeup?!? hahaha mine is waaay to small to hold all the new makeup. Thank you!

  • I used to use BareMinerals original foundation every day and I found it amazing for covering blemishes but still looking like you aren't wearing foundation. Unfortunately, the lightest shade still wasn't quite light enough for me and I like to have quite a dramatic contour which doesn't work with this foundation so I've switched to MAC's lightest shade which I mix with Illamasqua white. Even with concealer that doesn't cover blemishes like BareMinerals!

  • I'm planning on doing my own make up for my friend's wedding – i'm one of the bridesmaids…. I don't normally wear makeup, but have used Bare Minerals – would you recommend just using mineral powder as a foundation or would you recommend using a more "fun" liquid foundation, such as the Make Up For Ever HD make up you used in your bridal makeup tutorial?

  • The brush you use is not buffing brush (as mentioned in the video) from the real techniques core collection neither it is the powder brush. It is the expert face brush.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I've never tried a mineral foundation, but I am courious on trying one, and your video is so helpful.
    By the way you are extremely beautiful and a positive person. I enjoy watching you! :)

  • question!!! should you specially go with a primer when wearing mineral foundations? because for liquid foundation its not a complete must really, but i was thinking since this is just powders that you should use a primer, am i right? I'm interested in bare minerals

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