Contouring for the Mature Woman!!! WARNING – I have no makeup on!


  • great tips, thank you I enjoyed this video. I am looking for more Technics for mature skin and I am only 33, however all of the videos on youtube are perfect skin 20 year olds, and I try it in the same way they do it andit does not look very good on my skin. I get any product under my eyes and it enhances fine lines and makes me just look older. I can use cream or powder highlights but only if they are matte. The shimmer, pretty stuff the younger girls use just makes my pores show up and looks gross lol.

  • I don't know what is wrong with thus vid but your voice is not in sinque with your face as you speak & I am sure that it is slowed down …or something .
    I wonder if you have any tiny lines round your eyes & mouth ….If you have how do you stop the concealer settling into them because you seem to use such a lot .

  • Finally! over 50 makeup! Every time I use powder, it looks chalky/cakey and dry. As I've gotten older, my skin has gotten drier – so I've stayed away from powder. Any suggestions for a moist looking powder to set makeup?

  • You're hysterical! I actually thought to put the shadow under my lip the other day and really liked how it looked, and now I see you doing it. It does do wonders! Great job! And I absolutely love what you did to bring out the "apples" of your cheeks 🙂 I'll have to try it. But if I may recommend, the under eye coverage should be a 2 step 2 different color concealer process, one lighter than the other; the darker should go all over and especially on the fullest part, the bag/bulge of the eye and the lightest one going in the crease under the bulge or bag of the eye, corners of the eye and inside the eye towards the nose. This way you'll recede the puffy area and bring out the hollowness making it even out. Try it, I think you'll agree.

  • thank you for the tutorial, but what do you recommend for under eye? I feel what ever I used I end up with harsher looking wrinkles underneath :/ I use the age rewind to conceal underneath. Or should I just get real and nothing will make it look less wrinkly? lol

  • Well never seen this method before, so nice to see new ideas, was disappointed though you ran out of time to show us your eyes being done and the finished look. Have you one showing this?

  • Hi Nathalie I'm almost 52 & haven't really bothered about contouring until recently as since being diagnosed with the big c following all the treatment I have aged about 10yrs like overnight so I'm glad I found your channel, I will be trying out the contour with cream tomorrow. I hope I look as good as you @ 55. Sweet Irish blessings from Ireland. Love that you're mentioning Joan Rivers I loved her to she was an amazing woman. ????????????????????

  • I cannot believe the difference this video has made for me! Thanks so much. I've always had cheekbones but now they are for DAYS. I feel about 10 years younger from just a few easy and totally doable makeup tips and all without breaking the bank. I used what I had in my bag but (for once) used it properly!!! So happy :)

  • You said something in a video about you should have surgery, Please, before I begin,
    I do NOT mean this in an evil way at all. I have had both upper and lower eyes plus a
    brow life and it saves me so much time appling my makeup PLUS I really do look younger….the kind of younger than no makeup could ever accomplish for me and, trust
    me, I did EVERY technique and spent a small fortune on makeup. So! With that said,
    GET SURGERY!!!!! You'll love it unless you are addicted to making videos.

  • Waaaaay too much makeup! You looked just as pretty with none on. <3

    You're so adorable, I've watched this three or four times.
    Finally subscribed; I need to go check out your other stuff. :)

  • Hi Nathalie, it was so nice of you to reply I can not imagine how busy you are, I have so much admiration and respect for you and Natalie "beauty inside out" it is funny how we are all Nats but I honestly didn't even realize that either of you shared the name, until after viewing, I love the spelling you use its interesting, is there a story behind that.. You have a great channel, you are knowledgeable in many areas of beauty.. Also it seems that Tuesday is the day I get to watch you so I appreciate you posting new views on Saturday as I get a new video each week.. Have a great week.. Stay beautiful.. Oh and thanks for introducing me to Beauty Inside Out she is wonderful xo, Natalie

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