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  • My skin is dry and sometimes make up looks cakey even when I exfoliate, moisturize, etc… Would the bare minerals powders still work for me? Or should I avoid powders all together? I am using complexion rescue gel cream now- I like it- but was looking for slightly more coverage and a less dewy finish.

  • Thank you Shelby for your video! I am going to retry using Bare Minerals at age 62! I am one of those people who probably used way to much powder on my brush so I never liked the way it looked! Because of your video I went out and bought the foundation, brush and primer yesterday! Hoping I do well trying Bare Minerals again!

  • Really glad I came across this video! Just ordered lots of mineral makeup as liquid just isn't working for me anymore. You look so pretty and make it look effortless. Have you got anymore recommendations for primers?
    Have you tried the matte glow veil? What do you think of it?

  • Someone please tell me that Bare Minerals is readily available in the UK. How have I not known about this before? And where can I get it?!!! Thank you for this video!!! Subscribed 😀

  • I used to stay quiet about my obsession with powder foundations, because all my girl friends & family are hardcore into liquids & have been trying to convert me since. But powders just have a very special place in my heart due to their skin like appearance and it being soo lightweight sigh #obsessed new subbie ♥

  • I've been mildly obsessed with your channel over the last few years (I go through stages where I'll stay up late watching them!)

    Question: Recently bought the beautiful finish powder brush, but I noticed it takes off the concealer if I apply the original powder over the top. Is it OK to use concealer on top of the foundation?

  • Hi Shelbey! Great videos and good information and you're charismatic and fun to watch. Any who….my question was what kind of brushes were you using that were not foundation brushes. I would love to know please. Also.. a new complexion rescue tutorial would be awesome! keep up the great videos!! Thanks lady!

  • I really want to try Bareminerals because I haven't been able to find a liquid foundation that doesn't make me break out! How long does a container of bare minerals last? A month or so? Thank you 🙂

  • Shelby , I find that bare mineral had given me horrible acne breakouts…. is this something common? I feel so heartbroken I can't wear bare minerals bc it looks and feels so nice and beautiful on the skin.

  • Could you do a video about the new Clarisonic foundation applicator brush? Would it work for Bare Minerals foundation? They say not to use it with powder, but Bare Minerals isn't really like a regular powder and the motion of the device seems similar to buffing manually. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

  • Ive bought it thanks to you! No regrets at all!! Only thing is that Im so used to liqued foundation, that it looks like i dont wear anything.. can I juist put Some more on? I like that full make up look.. but the coverage and result is so different.. great video though and I like your tips! A follower from the netherlands!

  • I have rosacea, which basically means my face is red almost 95% of the time, so will the power foundation be able to cover it up, and will it fade away after a while

  • how do you build up coverage with this foundation? i find that i always get very good coverage out of liquid foundation but it's so hard to get coverage out of mineral powder foundation!

  • Bare Minerals is why I started watching your channel! You made me fall in love with Orginal all over again! Keep posting BareMinerals please! Have you used the Mineral Prep Sunscreen? Any recommendations on sunscreens that work with Original or Serum Foundation? Thank you! xx

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