Bare Minerals Makeup, The Right Way? {Full Face Routine}

I’ve finally learned how to properly use loose mineral foundation! I’ve taken tips from a fellow YouTuber and it turned out pretty awesome! I hope you enjoy it.


  • Have to tried a wet application? I have and I really like it. I just spray my brush once with rose water, then dip it into the lid….(I use the same amount of minerals powder) and I find it goes on faster, and saves time buffing, but has the same effect when you're finished. A must if you're pushed for time, but In fact I think it gives a not-so-powdery look and feel to my face… then spray with rose water again to fix it…

  • I have never turned back to anything else since I tried bare minerals! I have watched Shelby's tutorial and have fell more in love with it because of learning that I wasn't buffing as much as I should have! Everyone thinks I have perfect skin but it's not… I have super dry patches and this makes it look like I don't! Another thing is lightly putting on a setting spray after and fanning it, makes it look more like skin! One of those jars lasts me 3 months or more and I always go for more of a fuller coverage… worth the price since you aren't buying makeup that often!

  • Thanks for this! I used Bare Minerals years ago and I think I was a little heavy headed with it, and impatient with the application process, and got discouraged and stop using it. I may give it another try! Thanks again!

  • Your skin looks so nice! I know you said you struggled with acne but I can't tell lol. I did too and I'm clear now but my pores are visible and I have small red scaring. Do you have a video on how you got rid of yours and what your routine is now a days to keep your skin looking nice and glowing?

  • You have beautiful skin and you are gorgeous 😍 I started using retinA a month ago 0.25% one and I didn't get awful peeling or dryness coz I am using aveeno baby eczema cream with it and it's working

  • I've used bare minerals on and off for years… I might just have to give it a go again! Btw did you see Ulta is having their 21 days of beauty? Do you plan on getting anything? Xoxo

  • I have never tried Bare Minerals or mineral powder foundation before, but after I have watched Shelby´s video few weeks ago, I was tempted to try it, so I purchased the starter kit with the originals formula in it. Unfortunately I mismatched the colour of the powder foundation, it is slightly light for me, but that wouldn´t bother me that much like the fact that every time I have used it, it broke me out, and that never happened to me before with any of the liquid foundations I own, and I tried many girl. I bought the same brush to apply it as Shelby used. I don´t know if the matte formula will be better, I really wanted to like it, because I enjoyed the look it gave me on the no makeup makeup days, but I´m not sure I will ever apply it on my face again.

  • Thank you for this video because I stayed away from this kind of makeup because back in the day I didn't realize my brushes were so rough on my skin and I have dry to very dry skin. Now, that I have better brushes I wanna try this again. That and I have better knowledge on skincare as well. That may help with mineral cosmetics

  • I'm so glad you did this video! I also watch Shelby and I just went back to Bareminerals original foundation after a few years! I've been using their bb cream for a few Years (complexion rescue) and I love it too! The buffing is so important! The foundation looks gorgeous on your skin! Xoxo

  • Good idea, I have to dig mine out and try it! I used to love using it but hated to carry it around for touchups. I started having dry skin, so I've not been using much powder like when i was younger😵but will try it tomorrow.

  • I love bare minerals! I've been using the Matte foundation and the hydrating mineral veil for about 11 years now and people always compliment my skin they think I'm in my 20s when I'm 42😀 but yes it's true you have to buff it into the skin or it will look like powdery. Thanks for the great video!

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