Bare Minerals FULL COVERAGE Tutorial & Everything You Need To Know

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  • Great review and tutorial! I have been wanting to go try out some mineral foundations again because I have been using foundations for so many years and figured bare minerals is probably a good place to start! I will definitely have to pick up a kit today. 🙂

  • This was a great tutorial!  Thank you.  I just ordered a bare minerals set (to test the product out).  I've always been a bit skeptical about this product, but I wanted to give it a shot.  I will def be using your tutorial to guide me on my first applications =)

  • I've been using bare minerals for 10 years. It blends easily and is such a quick application for me. I wonder why you tubers make it such a production. I love your video though

  • A cheap alternative for that Tarte brush is the Target brand "Up & Up" bronzer brush! Target has some nice kabuki brushes that are very dense! The bronzer brush is exactly or maybe even more dense then the Tarte and its around $7-9 bucks! Hope this helped someone save some money(:

  • Loved your insight!
    Just had a few thoughts to share that may help you.
    They have a synthetic brush called precision that will give you a full coverage easier and quicker, as well as a whole new line of synthetic brushes.
    The matte foundation looks slightly darker than original so i suggest using their cream correcting concealer on top of original to tone down the luminous finish.
    I know it sounds weird to put a cream on top of powder but it actually was made to work that way and your finger is the best the blend it because it warms it up.
    The foundation blends best when starting at the outside of the face and buffing towards to center so that the minerals warm up as well.
    Its important to use the mineral viel all over before using warmth or their other blushes to keep them from settling later.
    Although warmth was made for all over i only suggest it under cheek bones or for general contouring especially for fair skin.

    Hope hope some of this information works well for you, I've been using Bare Minerals for about 5 years and working at a Bare Minerals boutique helps as well.

  • Thank you Tiffany soooo much…. I've been struggling for so long, to figure it out, how are these mineral foundations supposed to be applied. I acrually did try your way and it was absolutely great. Pressing the subscribe button imediately 🌺

  • I was wondering if anyone could help me! I've been in love with and passionate about make up for years! How ever I'm allergic to it. Every time I wear it my eyes will get blood shot red, watery, itchy, and irritated and immensely bad! At first I thought it was just the eye make up. So I stopped wearing it and just used face make up. Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc….. And unfortunately my eyes still act up! I've literally spent hundreds of dollars on so called high end products and even products that claim that they are allergy free and nothing works! I'm at a loss, so
    frustrated! I don't know what to do or what to try! I really hope you could help me because I would love to wear make up again.

  • I am SO glad you made this video. We have almost identical skin issues and I also have gone back and forth with BareMinerals. I'm thinking of going back to BareMinerals because my skin has been less problematic lately. This video is full of amazing tips and great information! Thanks, Tiff!

  • Thank you for doing this video! I tought I was the only person in live who doesn't fall in love with bareMinerals at first try. But it's worth it to try again and again.

  • This was the nicest, most tedious way of telling people that a product is horrible that I've ever seen in my whole life O.O  And yes, I watched the whole thing…. I like Elf Mineral Booster??

  • I have used bareminerals for about 10 years, my skin is really good, but the reason that is really good it's due to I use bareminerals, in my case only takes 3 – 5 min max to do my foundation, I have tried other foundations but I break out, and even bb and cc creams and I have the same problem, I have to use one day the bb cream and the other 6 days bareminerals so that my skin recovers, I can use other makeup brands on blushes, eyeshadow, but never foundation hope this helps

  • I think the main issue is that not many actually use the mineral veil powder on top of the foundation, blush, warmth, etc. I actually didn't like bare minerals as much as well because it didn't look blended after so many hours. I went to my local makeup store to see if I was doing anything wrong, and they said the mineral veil isn't just highly recommended, but its a necessary thing! I started using it, and I absolutely LOVE bare minerals now. It stays on all day! And if i'm having a good skin day, I only use the veil powder to close my pores and i'm set. I hope this helped! 🙂

  • Wow Tiffany, you really put a lot of time and effort into this review!!  I know you do in all your videos but this one I think required more work from you!!  I really learned so much from this review!!  I have never used Bare Minerals foundations but have been intrigued.  Thanks for all the info…take care!!!

  • Thanks so much for doing this video. I like to use Bare Minerals in the summer but I really could not get good coverage. Now I know what to do! Awesome job and love all of your videos!

  • I really like the MAC MSF NATURAL (not the reg. MSF) as my foundation. I use it as you would a mineral foundation, buff it in with the Sigma Sigmax F80. That said I don't really have any major breakouts to cover, just uneven tone as in redness. My skin is combination. Hope this helps someone. I think that the drug store mineral foundations I've seen on other people make the skin look fake from all the shiny mica in them.

    Tiffany, I have never seen eyelashes like yours in real life… (sigh)

  • I use the Matte formula but as I'm blending I mix in a tiny bit of the Original. I don't use the Original mainly because of the bismuth oxychloride in it but a very small amount doesn't irritate my skin and it helps with the Matte's dry texture. The finish is very pretty and lasts all day.

  • I have to say, I think the Bare Minerals looks better than the Tarte Airbrush Foundation. It looks really natural, like you have naturally great skin and the color is perfect.

    I'm the opposite. I really like the loose e/s and blushes, but I don't wear the foundation. I might give the matte a go. I never tried it.

  • I found it hard to find the correct colour for me.  After 3 attempts I was finally given the correct shade.  This is probably the best foundation I've tried in years, I actually find its quicker to apply than my other foundations and one brush is all you need and a little goes a long way!

  • I love bare minerals I've been wearing it for like 3 years now! but I have oily skin and I found the original powder wasn't good to wear all day because it would settle in my poresmso I love the matte formula!

  • Tiffany Bare Minerals liquid serum foundation is called Bare Skin, you can get full coverage actually with that quickly depending on how many drops of it you use, (also ready foundation would give you that full coverage a lot quicker than any original or matte foundation). try it, you might actually like it.  Bare Minerals makes synthetic brushes that just look  like the ones you are using  that do not shed will give you good, smooth  coverage .some are  soft focus face brush, precision face brush and full tapered brush. Well rested is not a concealer and its only a brightner it comes in a mineral form or liquid pen forn similar to the MAC one you are using ! so like you said it has a sheen to it , for concealing you can use your foundation like you said it use any of the bisques, correcting concealers or stroke of light all made by Bare Minerals.
     prime time primer comes in oil control and that's the one you should try not the original prime time if you have oily skin.
     always best to find a Bare Minerals boutique instead of going to Sephora or Ulta to start with everything since you have a lot more choices there and the entire line of products to try and choose from and all the people at the botiques can help you answer and address any issues you might have since they are spciallized in Bare minerals products only compared to ulta or sephora. 🙂

  • Since I have very oily skin, I tried the matte formula first. It broke me out so badly, it turned me off to Bare Minerals for a while. Now I use the original formula, with the illuminating under eye concealer, and the well rested for my acne. Surprisingly, it doesn't break me out. I think this stuff is perfect for everyday, since all other foundations seem to break me out. I thought I'd never find makeup that wouldn't break me out! 😀

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