4 Easy Short Hairstyles That Will Make You Want A Bob!


  • Does your dryer have a 'cool' button on it? The cool button is wonderful for giving the hair added movement or, in your case, non-movement. Blow your hair until dry then push the 'cool' button and hold the dryer in place for about 20 seconds or long enough to cool down the previously heated hair. Many people have that on their newer dryers but aren't even aware of it. At one point, you mentioned allowing the hair to cool down and you didn't take out the round brush from your hair; so, you have the right principle, but using the cool button on the dryer will do more in less time.
    You have a very nice hi-lighting. Well, for that matter, you have beautiful hair.

  • Hi Dominique, I have a bob, too, but very fine hair. I just love the way you can go from one style to the other, which I could never get away with. If I do too much to my hair after washing and drying it, it starts to look limp and greasy. Any suggestions? Thanks, you are very beautiful.

  • Hi Dominique,  Thank you for this video!!!    I have been wearing a bob for quite some time and I am going to try this.  My hair has been thinning quite a bit too.  I have a great hairstylist that cuts it to make it look thick.  She's great!  This tutorial will help me to experiment to get those great looks you showed us.  I am going to look for a hairpiece also.

  • Loved your hair so much I went and cut my hair just like yours! I love your style. You are so "put" together. I'm so glad I found your tutorials. Glad to see a ladies spin on style verses teenagers that you mostly find on Youtube. Thanks again for the videos

  • I just started watching you, and first of all, you are absolutely beautiful! Besides that, you are warm and approachable. I am growing out layered short hair, but my hair is thinning. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  • Hello Dominique! I am so happy I stumbled upon your channel and immediately subscribed. I am loving all your video's and tutorials especially this one! Thank you for taking the time to show step by step how you achieve these looks. I am off to the salon in 3 weeks and will be having my hair cut into a bob once again…. now that I know how to get these wonderful looks ♥

  • Hi
    I used to live in Houston and now live in the midwest. Loved your video! I am planning on getting my hair cut and I do enjoy using hair pieces too. I think I am convinced to go with a Bob after watching your video. I have a question. What is the Hairspray that you are using? I am so impressed that you can work your hair so well with four styles and it still looks shiny and smooth after using hairspray to hold all those styles.

  • Hi Dominique Sachse. I am a new subscriber from India. Currently I have the same hair cut as yours, got bored with long hair. Now the fun part is, to get that hair cut i had to literally run between one salon to another, cause no one understood here. But yeah i finally got it done

  • That is such a cute hair cut and you look beautiful. I have very thin hair and a receding hairline. Dr says it's due to stress plus I will be 68 this May. My mom has thin hair but mine is thinner. I am on meds and have foot problems that prevent me from being as active as I use to be. I pray everyday for healing and I wish i could find a haircut that would uplift me. Your hair cut is what I want but am not sure if I have enough hair. I took a picture of you and will go to the salon as see if they can work with me. My hair is also supper straight. Thank you for your video and keep up the good work. :)

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